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Over the years, AJ Case Management have worked with many people who have acquired life changing injuries. Following 15 years of experience in this industry, we believe that employing your own Community Support Team, in your own home, is best for you. 

We created AJ Specialist Recruitment to deliver your bespoke recruitment package, built with your values at its centre. AJ Specialist Recruitment work with people who may not require case management, arranging everything to bring the best Community Support Team to you. 

We are #BringingTheBestToYou 

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“The recruitment team at AJ are a fantastic resource for clients who do not have ongoing Case Management input. They provide invaluable support and expertise to help clients identify and engage the right support team. As the Deputy I feel re-assured that there is a comprehensive recruitment process undertaken by the AJ team and that they will build a great relationship with the client and put them at the centre of the process, ensuring that they retain a great deal of autonomy and control in selecting their support staff. I would highly recommend the service to deputies and their clients.”

“I feel very privileged to be part of a well-trained and dedicated team working for an amazing client under the umbrella of AJ Case Management. I have been with this package nearly four years. Right from the start we had intense training and team building that was an amazing experience that helped gel the team. This training as been on going and there is a great deal of support from AJ in many forms from supervision to forums to specialist talks to newsletters and training. Nothing is spared and they seem to go beyond what is required and go that extra mile for the client and us the support team.”

“AJ Case Management stands out as No 1 in providing a bespoke service for their clients. Our team within the organisation is often described as the flag ship for the business. I am very proud of this along with my fellow team members.”